Native Instruments bargains on Plugin Boutique!

It’s been a while but one of my favourite plugin and hardware companies is now on Plugin Boutique with a couple of excellent bundles if you’re not cash rich enough to plump for the full Komplete. You’ll know from watching my videos that I’ve been using NI products for many years now and fully endorse them. Take a look at the two bundles below and grab yourselves a bargain (or two!)

Komplete Classics (£89)

Buy from here

This is a great chance to stock up on some true legends from the virtual instrument world:

  • Massive – a must have for a wide range of styles but famous for dubstep wobbles
  • Absynth – a lush and experimental source of evolving textures and effects
  • FM8 – a recreation of the Yamaha DX7 that sounds fantastic – you can even load the classic Solid Bass patch into this via sysex
  • Replika – a delay that I simply adore and have used on countless tracks

Komplete Future Classics (£89)

Buy from here

Some recent additions to the Komplete collection are added here and are well worth diving into:

  • Super 8 – a warm polysynth inspired by the sound of Roland synthesisers but capable of far more.
  • Form – a granular synthesiser that allows you to manipulate pitch and time in interesting ways
  • TRK-01 – the bass element of this is a staple of my productions in recent years, essential!
  • Mod Pack
    • Choral – warm chorus effect
    • Flair – a wicked sounding flanger
    • Phasis – I’ve used this Phaser effect a lot!

If you don’t have Komplete just grab at least one of these – you won’t regret it!

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