Marvin Gaye Remix

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Note: all rights remain with original label and publisher.

Not available to download – only streaming on YouTube. Rights holders can monetise.

So this is just a little housed-up re-interpretation of the classic but made with a ton of love. This song resonates more than ever now and those vocals sound incredible thanks to a unique audio processing chain that’s detailed below.

Production Notes


Beautiful warm chords courtesy of the wonderful Korg Triton plugin and the Studio Stage EP preset. This needed a bit more movement so I inserted Ableton Live’s Autopan device.

Vocal Chain

A comprehensive series of plugins enabled the vocal treatment to happen. The accapella I found online was super noisy and needed a ton of work. Take a look at the condensed Ableton Live effects rack below:

A staggering combination of 3 separate De-Essers was part of the process. Overkill? possibly, but each brought it’s own thing to the table. Let’s look at the effects in series..

Ableton EQ 8

This was used to reduce rumble in the low end and pull back some harshness in the highs and at around 1kHz.

Izotope RX7 Voice De-Noise

This literally took the hiss out of the performance. Some may say that the original had character with this but the original had a lot of instrumentation and was recorded in the same era. My version was super clean in comparison so I needed to get the vocal sitting better and de-noising was important.

Ableton Gate

This was set to reduce the space between phrases – almost dipping the reverb back. It also added another layer of noise taming.

Izotope Nektar 3

This was the first de-esser in the chain. The original vocal’s character was too sibilant for my production so I eased things back using this. Buy the plugin here –

Eiosis De-esser

Another one! Yep, maybe I didn’t set the previous one right but I felt I needed more! The Eiosis is a great plugin available in the Slate Digital All Access Pass.

Virtual Mix Rack

Here I took the fantastic ‘Pro Vocal’ preset and tweaked it. The combination of LA2 and 1176 compression really brought things into line with the new backing.

Softube Tape Echoes

I love this plugin and here it’s placed in series and automated in places to create a saturated dub delay to bridge elements in the arrangement. I’ve tried a lot of tape delay plugins and this one is the don – you can buy it here –

IK Multimedia TR5 De-esser

The third and final de-esser came from IK Multimedia thanks to my recent participation in the 25 year anniversary group buy!

TR5 Master EQ 432

What with that trinity of de-essing plugins prior I felt I needed to bring a little more hi-frequency energy back so this amazing mastering grade EQ from IK Multimedia worked a treat with a +5dB boost at 10kHz.

3 responses

  1. Jason edwards

    Great work once again, Danny!


  2. Martin Herity

    Love this! Will there be a download available?


    1. Danny Lewis

      Sorry Martin, I can’t offer as download because I don’t own the rights.


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