Hunting Through Old Projects

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So tonight I’ve grabbed an old external HD I’d forgotten about, plugged it in and searched for all Ableton Live Projects. I’ve gotta say that this is already some serious treasure hunting. Isn’t it mad how when we’re close to our musical ideas that sometimes we can tire from them – as I did when I made them. For whatever the reason at the time I didn’t finish them – possibly through lack of belief in that track.. Give it some space, several years in fact and everything becomes clear. I am feeling so blessed to have found some of these and will be revisiting them for sure with a fresh mind.

Check the comedy names! how many of us come up with such ridiculousness? I’m sure this will resonate with many of you haha. Some are definite rejects but many are not and some have a story behind them too. In this list are a total of 476 files – many will be duplicates due to incremental file numbering of the same name. This is going to take me into the early hours by the looks of things – wish me luck!

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