I ❤️ Arturia Filter Mini

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When I left Point Blank Music school in London my amazing colleagues bought me the most incredible leaving gift – a Moog Minotaur. Now this thing was my first Moog and whilst I no longer have it the thing that really struck me about it was the sound of the filter. I’ve since longed for something that had the ‘vibe’ of that Low Pass Ladder that I could use wherever I want it and I’ve found it in Arturia’s fantastic Filter Mini.

This thing completely sounds analog to me and is the perfect modulator for all manner of sounds in my compositions. Not only is the ‘classic’ sound there but also the step sequencer brings rhythmic modulation and with it the ability to bring sustained sounds totally to life. You can see this in action below (really not trying to replicate Stardust perfectly here btw – it’s just illustrative)

Filter Mini in action on a Chaka Khan sample

Comes with built-in tutorials!

Now I know my filtering but having these on hand to let me learn the specific individual quirks of this plugin is a godsend. The interface comes alive with focused information related to the controls. For regular Arturia users this is something you’re no doubt used to but for me I’ve up until now only owned Analog Lab and it’s a breath of fresh air to me.

Look out for the sound of this in forthcoming productions and If you fancy buying it click this link here – https://bit.ly/BuyFilterMini (although, the better deal is to get it as part of the excellent bundle here – https://bit.ly/BuyArturiaFX)

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