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Now one of the big benefits of releasing music yourself is the fact that you have total freedom and it means you can put up songs or tracks that are a bit more obscure and left of centre compared to your usual output. I was listening to a couple this weekend that I created a while back and I thought I’d surface them again here so that people can experience them if they haven’t heard them before.

Mind 2 Mind / No Exit

There are two tracks particularly that really stuck out as really sounding different. Case in point – one track called “Mind 2 Mind” and the other called “No Exit”. These are not what you would usually associate with me sonically as one of them starts off with a break beat that evolves more into a slow, deep house kind of vibe which has sections where it gets pitch modulated, twists and goes out of tune, but it was definitely deliberate. And it’s funny because I’ll make tracks, and it all depends on my mood at the time what comes out so certainly there are things that I mage on occasions that are little bit different to my normal output.. So when I listened back to these two, it was almost like connecting with music that I hadn’t made, even though I had, so I heard them with fresh ears and that was really interesting – I was really glad to rediscover them.

“Mind 2 Mind” is the one that’s got the break beat and the other one “No Exit” is basically a really long drawn out piece of music that hardly changes over time, although there are subtle shifts in tone and energy. I put it on and I found it almost meditative – I almost fell asleep to this thing and that’s not because it was boring but because it really had that kind of mood to it and I was really pleased to rediscover this so it’s another one I recommend that you check out.

I’ve put links to both of these into the page so you can have a listen and of course, let me know what you think using the comment functionality on the blog so if you have some words to say please let me know – I’m very interested to hear.

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