Tascam Tape Collection

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For tape addicts like me this is amazing news. Now Tascam was a big name back in the day and IK multimedia have just announced as part of the Tascam 50th anniversary The Tape Collection – four new tape decks for T-Racks. This is focused on a selection of classic devices that they have modelled realistically and I can’t wait to try them out.

TEAC A6100 Mk II

The first in the list is the Teac A6100 mark II, which was a mastering recorder. The collection also has a Teac a3340S which is a four track tape recorder. Next up we’ve got the Tascam 388 and finally the Porta One.

Tascam Porta One

I remember seeing this advertised in magazines back in the day and the crunchy lo-fi tape sound is something that could be fantastic to run our beats through.

This is really, really exciting. At the moment it’s on an introductory price that you can try from the website, which is exactly what I’m going to do now!


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