What does an algorithm think of your music?

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If you’re a web developer, Spotify provides a track endpoint that you can hit to pull back its audio characteristics https://developer.spotify.com/console/get-audio-features-track/.

You’ll get a JSON response with a variety of metrics:

  • acousticness
  • danceability
  • duration_ms
  • energy
  • key
  • liveness
  • loudness
  • mode
  • speechiness
  • tempo
  • time_signature & more

You’ll need the URI – unique Spotify track identifier AND some technical ability BUT why bother when you’ve got something like Musicstax?

Musicstax Metrics

It’s (almost) fun to try this across music you love (especially your own) but what does it all mean? How effective is it? I’ve tried a few tracks and I’m currently on the fence. 64% for danceability on one of my tracks? Is it serious?!!! 9% popularity sounds about right though 🤣. Someone help me out and stream my music more!

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