Soundwide is here! Incredible FREEBIES!

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If you’ve watched my videos on you’ll know that i’m a huge fan of Native Instruments and Plugin Alliance tools. The incredible news today is that they’ve combined with Izotope, Brainworx and Sound Stacks to form a truly mighty organisation called Soundwide.

There’s a ton of information here from NI but right now I need to tell you to get your ass right over to plugin alliance and grab yourself some incredible FREE plugins >> using the code JOINSOUNDWIDE. There are 6 plugins available for a limited time but my favourites are the beautiful Focusrite SC console and the super useful bx_masterdesk

Focusrite SC

Honestly, I cannot believe this is free so you NEED to grab it now. This is a fantastic channel strip that brings authentic analog style summing if you use it on every channel. It also has a lovely low and high shelf that i’ve used to truly bring tracks to life.


If you want to get a quick DIY Master together this all in one plugin really does a great job and is a great alternative to some of the AI services out there. I’ve genuinely had great results that are totally playable in DJ mixes with this tool.

Offer ends April 26th so get your skates on! I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes from this collective in coming months.

More info below:

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