My worst DJ set!

So last night I did a trolley dash of new #garagehouse tracks on Traxsource and put them into a live mix on but little did I know that one of the kids had been playing with my crossfader switches on the front of the Traktor S4 and the left channel was playing at all times!

In the mix on twitch

When it’s late at night I have to monitor the audio quietly and therefore I couldn’t actually fully hear what was happening although I’ve got to be honest that something felt a bit ‘off’ on occasions from what I could hear. Basically I have gone back to working with crossfader instead of ‘upfaders’ so of course everyone got to hear what I thought I was cueing up and the train wrecks when I did. I literally only realised at the very end and that’s such a shame as I tend to record the mixes in Traktor and then upload after to Mixcloud

Why Not Delete the Mix?

Good question! Initially I thought it was pointless to keep up but then I realised actually there’s some audible and visual insight into the decision making process of putting together a mix. You can literally see me make decisions about tracks to include on the fly in latter parts and you get to hear the techniques I use to try and put the thing together.

I had some lovely comments surprisingly so there must be some value of keeping it up. You can take a look for yourself here – is the session if you want to have a laugh!

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