FREE Orchestra from Spitfire – ESSENTIAL!

This incredible plugin is now free. It’s a complete orchestra and it’s yours from Spitfire Audio, purveyors of high quality sample libraries.

Why do I love it?

Good question, how about you learn where all the instruments sit on the stage! Invaluable for classical music students starting out on their journey. If you’ve not been lucky enough to see everyone on a stage this is the next best thing. You’ll also learn the diverse range of instruments that exist in the orchestra and of course, you can play them from the keyboard and get used to the sound.

See the position of the instruments..

It Sounds Amazing!

As per the norm with Spitfire the actual sounds are high quality and expressive. The orchestral percussion is particularly interesting. Literally you won’t need anything else if this is the only orchestral plugin you have and your name is not Hans Zimmer (who can afford the super luxury ones)

Trust me. Get it. Link again here –

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