Is Danny J Lewis really UK Garage?

Danny Lewis avatar

Granted Traxsource is a great source of tracks but it’s also a great source of data for analysis purposes. Whilst not immediately accessible it’s possible to scrape some nuggets of information from the website itself. In this small case study we’ll grab genre counts of releases by Danny J Lewis to attempt to answer the question – is Danny J Lewis UK Garage?

Genre Counts

We typed the text string ‘Danny J Lewis’ into the search box at the top right hand side of the Web Interface. Regardless of whether Danny J Lewis is Primary, Secondary or featured in some capacity we know the results will return all related recordings if we select his name in full.

Clicking the name then creates a paginated selection of all tracks and regardless of results per page the Genre section on the far right hand side gives a total count of recordings against genre.

A word on genre – Traxsource A&R prides itself on the accuracy of genre tags. Therefore we should consider the genres have been set with a high degree of informed accuracy.

We took these counts and created a spreadsheet to enable further exploration.

Basic Ranking

In order to take that list and determine the most common genres across Danny’s catalogue we selected the Sort & Filter option in Excel and ordered by values descending (highest at the top)

The results were clearly showing Garage being the genre most commonly applied to Danny’s recordings. All very much in line with what we might expect.

Percentage Splits

Now most of the time when we make comparisons between values we’ll use a percentage so let’s take a look at what percentage of Danny’s recordings are actually Garage compared to others. To do this we created a pie chart in Excel.

We observed that ‘Garage’ accounts for 42% of recordings whilst 58% were others. A conclusion at this point is therefore that a relatively slim majority of recordings are NOT Garage.

What is UK Garage and how do we isolate it from the more generic ‘Garage’?

Traxsource introduced the Garage section last year and it has been home to a large amount of recordings since. A lively scene from Garage House to 2 Step and beyond is engaged with this area but there is no sub genre classification provided. If we were to break out the 136 recordings that sit in this category on Danny’s catalogue and attempt to create sub genres it could help us in our quest to determine how much of Danny’s catalogue is actually UK Garage.

UK Garage was originally split between two key factions – 4×4 and 2 step. There are plenty of definitions of the difference between the two but we thought we’d explore the use of Open AI’s chat bot Chat GPT.

Interestingly there is the mention here of Garage House, a relatively recent 4×4 sub genre that is somewhat related to UK Garage but not necessarily derived from it. In our research we have determined the majority of recordings that Traxsource have applied the Garage tag to are indeed Garage House. So across the list of recordings left what do we consider we have? The recent single “Memory” was in fact 2 Step and therefore gives us something to go on. Let’s take a look at what Chat GPT says about the genre…

We took a look at how many recordings exist on the complete single release and observed that just two of the recordings are designated as 2 step.

A Conundrum and some revised counts

Given the other genres could well include sub genres and would require additional analysis we posed a suggestion, what if we added a new genre of UK Garage and re-assessed the percentage splits and counts? Given the suggestion that Garage House is a relative of UK Garage and not necessarily a sub genre of it we decided to go down this route. With the addition of UK Garage we have revised counts as follows and the results are perhaps surprising

Conclusion – 1% of Danny’s recordings on Traxsource are UK Garage

Controversial? perhaps but realistic? yes, we feel so. This means that 99% of Danny J Lewis recordings on Traxsource are NOT UK Garage. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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