The Best Plugins and Chord Sounds for Authentic 90s Vibe?

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What on earth am I doing putting a question mark at the end of that header? IT’S A FACT! MEAT BEATS BRING THAT VIBE!

Back in the day when I used hardware to make music there were bona fide sounds and textures that the big names used, often on expensive synths that I for one couldn’t afford. For many of us trying to make the sound it was elusive and often we’d have to make do with approximations that were pale in comparison. Fast forward several decades and those very same sounds are now available to you at a ridiculously low price.

A Danny Taurus Production

If anyone knows this sound it’s legendary Dansa Records head honcho Danny Taurus. As well as making fantastic music he’s now turned his hands to coding plugins and building sample libraries that enable producers like you to get that authentic sound with ease. Let’s take a look at some highly recommended additions to your production armoury:


If you’re looking for heavyweight bass look no further. Bringing that classic FM sound from instruments such as the Yamaha DX100, TX81Z & FB-01 this has become a staple bottom end element in my productions. Take a look at the video below to see it in action and then buy it here –

2. 90s House Stabs

This is super hot and fresh out of the oven, a collection of wicked chord stabs that enable you to sound musical without being so. It’s not just a set of straight up parallel chords, it’s more than that, with a selection of 150 impeccably recorded synth chords along with 7 variations of each, totalling over 1,000 samples! Following the link to find out more & watch the video –

3. Orbhits

Stab sounds are always useful, to punctuate the beginning of a new 8 bar section or even to become the main hook for a more ravey production. This super hot selection comes from a legendary rack module that has been used on many classic tracks and is a complete and utter bargain. Just go and buy it now!

Please note: the above links are affiliate links but trust me, I never recommend anything I don’t believe in 😉

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