So 90s – the New Maschine Expansion “Higher Place”

Danny Lewis avatar

It’s no secret that I use Maschine Expansions regularly to get inspired. The majority of the “Night Tales” album was made this way. I take a journey through random genres and styles and find my own sound be aggregating from all. I load up different groups, often only taking 25% of the sounds and moving onto the next – it’s a workflow thing that keeps me motivated and gets results quick.

Authentic sounds for your productions

Any sample pack created by Alex Kid (and do I spot Brawther too?!) is a collection to be trusted and this new one, influenced by 90s House doesn’t disappoint. If you like your chunky beats, lively stabs and solid basses you’ll love this inspiring collection of sounds that are ready to go. Take a listen to the example below that I programmed within minutes of downloading – so dope!

It’s highly recommended and you can grab the collection for yourself using this link here – Buy Higher Place From Native Instruments

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