Danny J Lewis


  • Is It Time For The Ship Noise?!

    I laughed the other day at a post from underground house music legend Steve Mac mentioning a promo he had received that featured ‘a big ship noise’ It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps they meant a lighthouse foghorn, much like the one beautifully recreated in Spitfire Audio’s excellent LABS series https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/foghorn and a sound […]

  • Such A Hit – Promo Videos now available!

    Man, I’m so thankful for all the support received on the new single “Such A Shame”. Something has really resonated with people on this one and I reckon it’s largely down to it being an exceptionally written original song with an exceptional performance. Several weeks after release it’s still in the Traxsource Garage Top 10 […]

  • Seriously Slammin’ Deep Underground House!

    So the brand new release is up now on exclusive Traxsource pre-order here – https://www.traxsource.com/title/1847124/such-a-shame-mixes It’s an original song featuring the incredible vocals/songwriting of Kayleigh Gibson and comes in 3 mixes covering Soulful House, Garage House and Deep House. Right now you can listen to edits from the full tracks up on the Traxsource player […]

  • Paul McCartney. What?

    So I was listening to a Louie Vega twitch session the other day and this super interesting dubby and trippy track came on with weird vocals that reminded me of someone that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. The track went on for some time, about ten minutes and featured what sounded like reel […]