Maschine Expansion – Electric Touch

In the 80s I was introduced to underground soul music by my step sister. I used to raid her vinyl collection and tape track after track. This was the time of the original Street Sounds albums and I was introduced to some incredible music that still is a huge inspiration to me. Some of theseContinue reading “Maschine Expansion – Electric Touch”

Did you know I built a synth?

Yep, back in 2014 I built a Native Instruments Reaktor Synthesiser specifically for making chords. I remember sending it to Mike Huckaby who loved it and even allowed me to quote him on the Reaktor User Group: “man your synth is like a secret weapon” “dangerous” Mike Huckaby (RIP) Tragically he is no longer withContinue reading “Did you know I built a synth?”

When Synthesisers got Soul

Quincy Jones is a hero of mine. I’ve read his autobiography and it is utterly fascinating. The amount of incredible performers and composers he has worked with in his lifetime is staggering. He’s the producer of one of my all time favourite albums, Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” and a highlight for me was theContinue reading “When Synthesisers got Soul”

Using Ableton Push to get twisted!

Are any of you really pushing the envelope when it comes to using the wonderful @ableton Push 2 #Midi controller? This thing is so versatile and powerful when partnered with some out-of-the-box thinking. In the video tutorial below I take some audio and rhythmically manipulate it in incredible ways. Let me know if you haveContinue reading “Using Ableton Push to get twisted!”