Vocal Bytes

Take a listen to “The 90s Tapes” and you’ll hear vocals, tons of them and at the time when I made the tracks from my bedroom in the early 90s I had no access to singers or the gear to record them well enough. These days we’re very used to huge libraries of royalty freeContinue reading “Vocal Bytes”

Traxsource Number 1!

I have no idea just how long this will last but right now one of the tracks from the album “The 90s Tapes” is number 1 in the Traxsource Classic House Top 100 chart. Berlin Soul was a pseudonym I used for one EP back in the 90s exclusively on vinyl and this new recordingContinue reading “Traxsource Number 1!”

The 90s Tapes Minimix

To celebrate the chart success of “The 90s Tapes” on @traxsource (currently at number 10 in the Top 100 albums!) I’ve put together a 60 second minimix that blasts 15 authentic 90s classics from the release in 1 minute. You can take a listen with the video below and then either buy the album onContinue reading “The 90s Tapes Minimix”

I ❤️ Super 8

Yep this Native Instruments plugin is a staple ingredient for me now when I want to get some warm polysynth vibes in my productions. This particular patch is a combination of Sawtooth and Squarewave with some filter envelope modulation and a subtle amount of pitch mod applied with the modulation wheel. Track is a releaseContinue reading “I ❤️ Super 8”


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