Play with Tom Misch!

I’m a big fan of Tom Misch so the brand new Logic Pro X Loop Pack that comes with the latest 10.7.0 version is a big draw. He’s a multi-instrumentalist as well as a super-soulful vocalist and located within the new Tom Misch category from the Loop Packs drop down is a fine selection ofContinue reading “Play with Tom Misch!”

Tascam Tape Collection

For tape addicts like me this is amazing news. Now Tascam was a big name back in the day and IK multimedia have just announced as part of the Tascam 50th anniversary The Tape Collection – four new tape decks for T-Racks. This is focused on a selection of classic devices that they have modelledContinue reading “Tascam Tape Collection”

What U Thinking?

So the big new music release is out today on Traxsource for DJs to download and all the streaming platforms for the music consumers out there. There’s something super catchy about this one so I’ve put together a colourful and lively video that’s up on both tiktok and Instagram in reel format to allow peopleContinue reading “What U Thinking?”

My Influences: Sarah HB

It’s about time I started to bring some of my key musical influences onto this blog. I first came across Sarah HB on Kiss FM on a Saturday night in about 1993/4 between 11pm-1am after Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson (another huge influence for me) Whilst Paul played the more vocal end of the spectrum, Sarah tookContinue reading “My Influences: Sarah HB”

Not my usual…

Now one of the big benefits of releasing music yourself is the fact that you have total freedom and it means you can put up songs or tracks that are a bit more obscure and left of centre compared to your usual output. I was listening to a couple this weekend that I created aContinue reading “Not my usual…”

Vocal Bytes

Take a listen to “The 90s Tapes” and you’ll hear vocals, tons of them and at the time when I made the tracks from my bedroom in the early 90s I had no access to singers or the gear to record them well enough. These days we’re very used to huge libraries of royalty freeContinue reading “Vocal Bytes”


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