Wicked new Drum & Bass Sample Pack

Now most wouldn’t associate me with Drum & Bass but I LOVE the genre as a punter/consumer of the music. I’m a huge fan of DJ Marky, a DJ who plays MY kind of DnB and therefore when Native Instruments reached out to let me know about a new Maschine Expansion forthcoming that covered the style I was super interested. I jumped on Instagram with a livestream session earlier today and it was a huge amount of fun! Thanks to all joining 👏

Rhythm Source LIVE!

In this session we took a look at some of the example projects (Killah being my favourite) and some of the kits (groups) then I attempted to create Drum and Bass myself!

You can buy the expansion using my affiliate link here if you like the sound of it – https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1932156&u=2877973&m=77930&urllink=&afftrack= I think you’re gonna love it!

Play with Tom Misch!

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I’m a big fan of Tom Misch so the brand new Logic Pro X Loop Pack that comes with the latest 10.7.0 version is a big draw. He’s a multi-instrumentalist as well as a super-soulful vocalist and located within the new Tom Misch category from the Loop Packs drop down is a fine selection of quality loops he’s created for you across Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Bass and more. Take a look at that list below, 142 incredible items!

Tom Misch Loop Pack

These are serious! Full of laid back groove and authentic vibe. Check the video below to see some in action..

Some of the new Tom Misch loops in Logic Pro X

How Many IK Multimedia Freebies?!

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So this 25 year group-buy thing has proven to be an incredible deal. If you remember I bought Mix Box, a super flexible and useful Slate-VMR-a-like that has a personality all of its own. I’ve been using that on the Voice Over recordings here recently and love how they sound.

I thought I’d show you the list of plugins I’ve selected as part of my list of freebies and see what you think – comments welcome. Looking forward to the next free choice and if you haven’t dived in yet get moving quickly before the promotion ends.

Info here – https://www.ikmultimedia.com/25gb/

Danny J Lewis IK Multimedia free plugin selections:

Did you know I built a synth?

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Yep, back in 2014 I built a Native Instruments Reaktor Synthesiser specifically for making chords. I remember sending it to Mike Huckaby who loved it and even allowed me to quote him on the Reaktor User Group:

“man your synth is like a secret weapon” “dangerous”

Mike Huckaby (RIP)

Tragically he is no longer with us but to have a legend like him say such words? man, I’m truly blessed. Take a look at the video below to get a feel for the range of sounds on offer, each with a different chord configuration you can select from the drop down menu.

Like the sound of it? It’s yours for FREE if you head on over to the NI Reaktor User Group, link here https://bit.ly/FreeChordSynth

If you like it please rate it and leave a comment and even better if you use it in a track put a link in the comments below. Enjoy!

I ❤️ Arturia Filter Mini

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When I left Point Blank Music school in London my amazing colleagues bought me the most incredible leaving gift – a Moog Minotaur. Now this thing was my first Moog and whilst I no longer have it the thing that really struck me about it was the sound of the filter. I’ve since longed for something that had the ‘vibe’ of that Low Pass Ladder that I could use wherever I want it and I’ve found it in Arturia’s fantastic Filter Mini.

This thing completely sounds analog to me and is the perfect modulator for all manner of sounds in my compositions. Not only is the ‘classic’ sound there but also the step sequencer brings rhythmic modulation and with it the ability to bring sustained sounds totally to life. You can see this in action below (really not trying to replicate Stardust perfectly here btw – it’s just illustrative)

Filter Mini in action on a Chaka Khan sample

Comes with built-in tutorials!

Now I know my filtering but having these on hand to let me learn the specific individual quirks of this plugin is a godsend. The interface comes alive with focused information related to the controls. For regular Arturia users this is something you’re no doubt used to but for me I’ve up until now only owned Analog Lab and it’s a breath of fresh air to me.

Look out for the sound of this in forthcoming productions and If you fancy buying it click this link here – https://bit.ly/BuyFilterMini (although, the better deal is to get it as part of the excellent bundle here – https://bit.ly/BuyArturiaFX)

I ❤️ Super 8

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Yep this Native Instruments plugin is a staple ingredient for me now when I want to get some warm polysynth vibes in my productions. This particular patch is a combination of Sawtooth and Squarewave with some filter envelope modulation and a subtle amount of pitch mod applied with the modulation wheel. Track is a release dropping in coming weeks.

If you want a great deal on this and some other NI plugins you’ve got until the end of the month to take advantage of Plugin Boutique’s Future Classics bundle here – https://bit.ly/BuyKompleteFutureClassics

Native Instruments bargains on Plugin Boutique!

It’s been a while but one of my favourite plugin and hardware companies is now on Plugin Boutique with a couple of excellent bundles if you’re not cash rich enough to plump for the full Komplete. You’ll know from watching my videos that I’ve been using NI products for many years now and fully endorse them. Take a look at the two bundles below and grab yourselves a bargain (or two!)

Komplete Classics (£89)

Buy from here

This is a great chance to stock up on some true legends from the virtual instrument world:

  • Massive – a must have for a wide range of styles but famous for dubstep wobbles
  • Absynth – a lush and experimental source of evolving textures and effects
  • FM8 – a recreation of the Yamaha DX7 that sounds fantastic – you can even load the classic Solid Bass patch into this via sysex
  • Replika – a delay that I simply adore and have used on countless tracks

Komplete Future Classics (£89)

Buy from here

Some recent additions to the Komplete collection are added here and are well worth diving into:

  • Super 8 – a warm polysynth inspired by the sound of Roland synthesisers but capable of far more.
  • Form – a granular synthesiser that allows you to manipulate pitch and time in interesting ways
  • TRK-01 – the bass element of this is a staple of my productions in recent years, essential!
  • Mod Pack
    • Choral – warm chorus effect
    • Flair – a wicked sounding flanger
    • Phasis – I’ve used this Phaser effect a lot!

If you don’t have Komplete just grab at least one of these – you won’t regret it!

IK Multimedia Group Buy = FREENESS!

You’ve got until the end of this month to benefit from an amazing deal. IK multimedia are celebrating 25 years as a company and have a group buy promotion running right now. I bought one product, the super versatile and fantastic sounding Mixbox rack and got 12 free audio plugins. This is an incredible deal and it’s only going to get better the more people get involved. Right now we’re 654 people away from another freebie so get on over there and buy something quick!

You can see from the image below that I copped two virtual instruments, one an electric bass that sounds fantastic and the other a genuine Hammond organ that sits perfectly on my deep house tracks (Full Gospel is the preset – go check it!) The other plugins are perfect tools for my productions that will help me complete my virtual analog studio.

You’d be crazy not to get involved on this – let me know which plugins you select for your freebies in the comments below!