Korg Triton Extreme Classic DAC – RTFM!

Danny Lewis avatar

If you’ve been watching my videos you’ll see that regularly I’m using the Korg Triton plugin and now more recently the Extreme iteration and it’s what helps me get the authentic old school sound I love. Now let’s talk about that ‘sound’ and how I’ve totally been missing a trick on this amazing plugin. Yes the classic factory libraries are there with all the patches you’ll recognise but little did I know that they’ve built in DAC emulation and I haven’t been using it! Here’s an excerpt from the manual with the lowdown..

Up until now I’ve been using the Digital mode, totally missing out on the vintage vibes and now feeling like a total idiot. To tell you the truth I haven’t yet carried out a detailed analysis on the how different each sounds so perhaps someone else out there has? If you have checked them out what’s your favourite and why?

Click ‘Digital’ next to PROG to cycle through the modes.

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