Biscuits, MDMA & riding the creativity wave

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Have you ever got to the end of a Mcvities Chocolate Hobnob and thought how sad you are that it’s gone? that bite by bite it had disappeared? What started as an enjoyable foodie moment became a slow descent into a desire for more and yet, if at the end of the packet there was none, how did you feel?

For those that partake in MDMA usage the resulting high is one of the key drivers of the activity, the reasonably sustained plateau of bliss facilitates a sense of leaving this planet, existing on another plane, becoming one with fellow man and woman. However, this declines over time and sooner or later you’re stuck at the end of the night with the lights in the venue coming on and those friends not looking so friendly anymore.

So where on earth am I going with this? Fairly recently I was asked to do a remix for Musicated Records that featured one of my all time favourite UK soulful voices, Shaun Escoffery. I have been a huge fan since “Days Like This”, “Space Rider” and “Music In Me” and have secretly harboured a hope that one day I might be able to work with him in some capacity. So here I was, in that moment, with the incredible acapella vocals ready to start creating an entirely new musical backing of my choice.

I don’t know how everyone else works but I like to ride the wave of creativity as much as I can, which means trying to stay in that Hobnob/MDMA moment as long as possible. The early stages of composition when they go right can truly be magic and this was one of those moments. Everything fell into place and I was elated as each movement of the new version took shape. I would listen to it over and over again, over several evenings, running versions down to fall asleep to – a technique I use that magically brings the subconscious to the foreground and allows me to establish where the gaps are.

So things happened fast and I was ready to submit to the label. These moments are always with trepidation but I knew some magic had happened and I was still on that creative high. The reactions I got were priceless and utterly endorsing my gut feeling. Previews were hurriedly put together and started emerging on social media. Shaun Escoffery himself even jumped into the hype machine and was showing his approval.

I was elated, elevated, satisfied and validated.






No more excitement

It’s raining, it’s cold. I’m in the cold turkey phase and need my next Hobnob. Anyone want to send me a remix?!

“Believe” The Danny J Lewis mixes – out now at Traxsource –

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