An SSL Mixer for under £50?!

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If you hurry there’s an excellent bargain right now on Plugin Boutique that brings together two fantastic and genuine SSL plugins that combined with the super cool SSL360 app will give you a virtual SSL mixer. Take a look at the video below to see the whole thing in action – it’s an intuitive way to virtualy emulate a hardware desk and keep the focus on the mix.

What I love about this approach is that it creates a focus away from the composition – it brings real distance from it. The Channel Strip 2 is your EQ and compression workhorse, designed for the essentials whilst the Bus Compressor 2 brings that classic ‘gelling’ that is the sound of so many classic records.

The plugins are also designed for the UC1 and UF8 hardware, bringing a true hybrid of the physical and the digital. If you have the spare cash on top these look like the perfect partners but of course bring the cost up significantly.

UC1 – a hardware twin of the Channel Strip 2 plugin

UF8 – a physical mixer controller that brings everything together

I don’t have either of these but frankly would LOVE them – just need the spare funds! The deal for the plugins won’t last forever so head on over to Plugin Boutique right now and grab them quick. Here’s a link –

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